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Photo of Castillo, Felix

Felix Castillo

Transition Coach, First-Year Initiatives


Felix is a first-generation college graduate from Northern Illinois University, where he received a B.A. in Sociology and a M.S. in Education with a concentration in Higher Education and Student Affairs. As first-generation college student, Felix experienced an extremely difficult time navigating higher education and came across many challenges. To persevere he had to push himself outside of his comfort zone to find his support system at NIU and ask for help when needed. Felix wants to use his experiences to advise students to make wiser decisions about their higher education, and reach their fullest potential, while also considering their future goals. Felix believes it is important for him to meet students where they are at in their college transition process and identify the support that is needed. He strongly feels that not every student is going to need the same type of support as others. Therefore, he strives build authentic relationships with his students to develop trust and allow him the opportunity to understand where the support is needed for that student. Felix is extremely excited to serve as a Transition Coach at UIC and is looking forward to supporting student during their transition to UIC.